Talk to a counsellor

Talking with a counsellor can help you work out if what you are experiencing is domestic violence. You can also talk with them about strategies for protecting yourself within the relationship or for leaving the relationship. Sometimes speaking to a counsellor is easier than speaking to your partner or someone else who knows you.

Counsellors can be found at a range of services including specific domestic violence services (generally for women only), some LGBTI services like ACON, services for transgender and gender-questioning people like the Gender Centre, and local community health services. The DV Line (1800 65 64 63) has a list of counsellors.

A range of private counsellors and therapists advertise in the community media. These therapists generally charge market rates for their services, although some may be able to provide a number of subsidised sessions, and they usually have specific experience with lesbian and gay clients.