In an emergency call the police

If your partner or ex-partner has assaulted you or you are afraid for your own or for others’ safety you can call the police. The police have the power to provide you with immediate protection at any time of the day or night. Call 000.

The police have guidelines that instruct them to respond to domestic violence in a particular way.

Police should:

  • respond promptly;
  • ensure your safety;
  • stop the violence;
  • thoroughly investigate what has happened;
  • speak to you and your partner separately;
  • get a statement from you and any witnesses;
  • collect evidence;
  • take photos of any injuries and the scene; and,
  • arrest the violent person if they have committed a criminal offence.
  • They should also notify the Department of Community Services if there are children.

Some police officers are specialist Domestic Violence Liason Officers or Gay and Lesbian Liason Officers, and you can ask if one is available.